Today on the Farm

Today on the Farm: A photo shoot from Hellman Advertising!

As a new feature of our blog, Today on the Farm posts will talk about what’s happening on the farm that day. A wide variety of topics will be covered; ranging from cheese curd making to cutting hay to the work being done on the tour center.

Today on the farm was a little different than most days because today the farm was participating in a photo shoot, courtesy of Hellman Advertising.  In May, Hansen’s Farm Fresh Dairy was the winner of a Marketing Makeover contest by Hellman Advertising out of Waterloo, Iowa. In the fall of 2011, the agency asked local businesses to submit a wish list for free marketing assistance. In a random drawing, Hansen’s Farm Fresh Dairy was awarded the Marketing Makeover, valued at $5,000! We decided to use this unique gift towards new photos of the farm, creamery, tour center, and our two retail stores, the Cedar Falls Outlet and the MooRoo in Waterloo. Here’s a peek at some of the action from today.

Daryl from Hellman getting ready to take some photos of Brent loading the delivery truck.
Daryl from Hellman snapping shots of bottling whole milk.

The photos captured from today will be used on our website, brochure, blog, and other promotional items so be on the lookout for new images about what’s going on at Hansen’s Dairy Farm!

Written by: Christine Schick


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