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Today on the Farm: Mermaids, Dandelions and Sunsets

The Hansen family had an occasion to celebrate on Sunday. Baby Beckett (son of Blake and Jordan) came home after a nasty virus landed him in the hospital for two days. He made it home just in time to celebrate his big sister Reese’s 3rd birthday. We all gathered at the dome for Dora mermaid-themed cake and ice cream.


Afterward the youngsters went outside to see who could pluck the longest dandelion. Blake is the judge while the kids thrash around the hayfield and bring back their finds. The stems are usually about 2 feet long. The cows in the background are very curious about the night’s activities.



Even the little girls (Bridget, Mollie and Reese) get in on the fun and make a game out of hiding in the crops.


The night was capped off by a gorgeous sun setting above the pond. Brent, Sam, Sara and Sadie went down to enjoy the view.


Even though we work together all day, it’s great to have some downtime to enjoy the wide open spaces on the farm with the fam.

Written by Jordan Hansen


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