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Buttery Goodness…[Giveaway]

Ok, so today is nowhere near as hot as it’s been lately. But I guarantee that one of these days soon the temp will be back up somewhere ridiculous and we’ll be staring outside from our air conditioned kitchen windows again. So today, because it’s Friday, we’re giving away something to brighten your kitchen…One Hansen’s butter bell!


This butter bell is a unique way to keep your butter fresh on the counter, soft and ready to spread at any moment! So exciting! It’s got our logo on it, too.

To enter, leave a comment with your answer to this question:

What’s your favorite way to beat the heat?

Post your answer by noon on Friday, August 3. One lucky reader will be selected at random. BUT, please note: the winner will need to pick up their butter bell at the Cedar Falls Outlet or the Waterloo Moo Roo, so please keep that in mind when you enter!


18 thoughts on “Buttery Goodness…[Giveaway]”

  1. When it is super hot outside we all like to go hang out in the pool and eat ice cream. And yes we do them both at the same time!

  2. Well this is kind missing the cooling off point, but I am usually inside canning garden goodies making the air conditioner work extra hard.

  3. I try to get @ yard work;walk or have a bike ride EARLY so finished before 8:00 a.m.

    And ceiling fans are great!

  4. Just stay inside and get housework, laundry etc.done while the air conditioner is running. We also get ice cream after the boys paper routes!

  5. we like to plug in a good movie and relax in our cool leather chairs with the fan blowing on us and eating hansens refreshing lemon ice cream….one of our favorites….then when it cools off a bit…we fire up the grill and make burgers with corn on the cob and dip it in hansens melted butter! yum..yum…and yum!

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