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Pop Quiz! {And…a giveaway!}

Good morning! Nothin’ like a pop quiz to start your Monday, right?

All of the answers to the questions below can be found on the Hansen’s Dairy website. The first five people to answer all questions correctly in the comments of the blog will receive a Hansen’s Dairy hooded sweatshirt (size and color of their choice, supply permitting). No age limit, so get the kids involved, too!

1.      About how many gallons of milk does the Hansen’s on-farm creamery process each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?

2.      Moo Roo has seating for about how many people?

3.      How many generations of the family have grown up on the Hansen’s farm?

4.      For how many months are cows pregnant?

5.      About how many feet tall is an adult wallaby?

6.      What is the primary purpose of the wallaby’s tail?

7.      What should you do with Hansen’s milk before you serve it?

8.      What type of milk does Hansen’s sell the most of?

9.      About how many gallons of water will a milking cow drink in one day?

10.  About how many pounds of feed will a milking cow eat in one day?


7 thoughts on “Pop Quiz! {And…a giveaway!}”

  1. 1. 2000 gallons
    2. 48 people
    3. 7 generations
    4. 9 months
    5. 3 feet
    6. for balance
    7. shake well
    8. skim
    9. 40 gallons
    10. 90 pounds

  2. 1. 2000
    2. 48
    3. 7 generations
    4. 9 months
    5. about 3 feet tall
    6. the tail is used for balance
    7. You must shake the milk first.
    8. skim milk
    9. 40 gallons of water
    10. 90 pounds of feed

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